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Advanced IP Scanner is dependable network IP scanner that scans your Wi-Fi network or LAN to provide information about the computers connected to it. Advanced IP Scanner is a Network Scanner free for your PC. Advanced IP Scanner is a very fast, IP scanner and port scanner. It has network scanning tools. Advanced IP Scanner is a powerful Advanced network scanner. The program provides easy ingress to various network resources, such as HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and other shared folders.

Advanced IP Scanner

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IP Scanner app scans all network devices that gives you access to shared folders, and FTP servers and Advanced IP Scanner also provides remote control of computers (via Radmin and RDP) and can even switch off computers with the remote. Download Advanced IP Scanner now.

RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol is a owned protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides a graphical interface to connect to another computer for users over a network connection. The user enrolls RDP client software for this purpose. Meanwhile, the other computer must also run RDP server software. Clients should use one among these versions- Windows (Windows Mobile), Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Unix,  and other operating systems.

Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP technology allows, session to occur is wrapped around RDS – Remote Desktop Services and includes capabilities such as compression, authentication, protocols, management, virtualization, and security. While there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes, ideally, all remote users should notice that they have logged into your system that provides them with their needed functions.

Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

RDP used for transmitting screen events, Keystrokes, and updates. RDP encapsulates and passes the information among connections using TCP/IP.

Radmin – Remote Administrator

Remote Administrator is a product of Famatech Corp. It is remote control software for Microsoft Windows which uses the Mirror Driver to control another computer through the remote.


Radmin – Remote Administrator

The principle of Remote Administrator has two separate module:

  • The Server module – Radmin Server
  • The Client module – Radmin Viewer

Radmin – Remote Administrator

Download Advanced IP Scanner for Windows & Mac PC

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Advanced IP Scanner

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Main features of Advanced IP Scanner

The key features of Advanced IP Scanner are listed below

  • No installation required
  • Fast network scanning
  • Easy access to network shares and FTP servers
  • Remote Wake-On-LAN
  • Remote control via RDP and Radmin
  • Switching on/off computers remotely
  • Export scan results to CSV
  • MAC addresses detection

What’s new in Advanced IP Scanner

  • Program’s stability is improved drastically.
  • Remote Wake-on-LAN feature has been refined.
  • The Interface has been improved.
  • Minor bugs have been fixed.

History Behind IP Scanner

IP Scanner founded in 1999 by Famatech, who is the world leader in developing remote control and network management software. Famatech awarded for various software products which are used worldwide by millions of IT professionals. Then he launched Advanced IP Scanner in 2002, and he continued working to develop and improve the program.

IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner has proven for years as a reliable and performs a broad range of networking tasks and helpful tool to manage LAN. IP Scanner integrated with Radmin, which is an another favorite product of Famatech for remote tech support.

Famatech Software is used by most of the global technology leaders like Sony, Samsung, IBM, Hp and Nokia and also used by Major telecommunications operators, government organizations and financial institutions.

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